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Drake Down!


Drake was performing his hit song, “Best I’ve Ever Had” along with Lil’ Wayne when Drake did some sort of “spinning move” and then collapsed on stage. He was down on stage with his head in his hands screaming in front of a packed venue.

Drake has been suffering with problems with his ACL for the past few months he stated in an interview with MTV.

Evacuate The Dance Floor!

I am really liking Cascada's newest song!! 



The movie Orphan premiers tonight! I find it funny that the parent's names are John and Kate, like the reality show! 


The Taco Bell Chihuahua Died


The fast food world is saddened by the death of Taco Bell Chihuahua Gidget. The Taco Bell Chihuahua has died. She was 15. For countless fans, the Taco Bell Chihuahua became the face of one the best ad campaigns of modern fast food commerce. In recent years, Gidget was known to lounge in the sun. But now, she’s going to the Taco Bell in the sky. Her trainer tells People Magazine that Gidget always knew where to find the camera and was a natural for commercials.

RIP Gidget.


Love on the down, again?


Lindsay Lohan's movie (Labor Pains) premiered last Sunday on ABC Family. I personally think it was really good! It was shocking to know that she still has her acting talent! As for her relationship with Sam, it seems like she is more interested in her blackberry than Lindsay. 

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The Plot

Hey everyone!! I am back for another post today, thanks so much for all the kind myspace/facebook/twitter replies about my website!! The first time I got exposed to paparazzi (TMZ) I didn't exactly know what they were about, but I began to understand the Celebrity World. I am here to post future things about Hollywood Celebrities! I know a few Robertson Blvd based paparazzi that are going to supply me with tips for my website! I am also personally going to do interviews with celebrities.

Check back, there is more to come!

 Surprised Joe Hollywood




Ok, it seems like Celebrity Blogging is becoming very popular!

My Celebrity Blogging idea was brought on by Perez Hilton. My information, pictures, and celebrity gossip will be completely different from Perez's website however. 



Look back later for more posts!

Cool Joe Hollywood


My new website!

Thanks to everyone that encouraged me for my website!! I will be adding tons of life stories, unseen pictures and cool links. Also, I will be adding a lot of celebrity gossip. Well wish me luck, and I hope you all visit soon when I get this up and running!!

CoolJoe Hollywood


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