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Jersey Shore is back for another season

Same cast, different paychecks. Each cast-mate is getting $10,000 an episode!


Apple invests in the Female Menstruation Cycle

The new iPad and iTampon.



Kanye West's boyfriend

Amber Rose has reportedly said that she is the man in the relationship at times. I believe she is the man in the relationship at ALL times. She means business!



Gremlins in 3D!

That old movie that everyone enjoyed as a kid is coming back! Now in 3D! It is currently in the works, and that plans are for it too to be shot in Steroscopic 3D. Bring it on Gizmo, we missed you!



Heidi Montag The New Plastic Surgery Goddess

The MidWest is Pissed at Lady Gaga

She was suppose to perform tonight at Purdue University. My Midwestern friends said there was an opening act, but no Gaga. She is "supposedly" extremely sick, said a paramedic and there is no way she can perform. Hm, I wonder how many shots she had last night?



David Beckham's new Jesus Christ tattoo


"David has an appreciation of religious art and iconography and the new tattoo reflects that." 


Lindsay Lohan is the new Mother Teresa

She went to India recently, and her documentary has surfaced. She is concerned with child trafficking in India. Watch this clip, she may be really concerned with topic, or just plain crazy...


Michael Lohan a new Daddy!

Ya, right.  He is claiming he's sorry for releasing those private and personal voice-mails last year from his Lindsay and his ex-wife. He wants to be famous just as much as Lindsay does.

“I just got a call from my daughter and she was very upset… Evidently she thinks I’m releasing another tape of a call to me. And I’m not. I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life, whether it be with Lindsay, with Dina, with Erin, with people I love and care about, trusted or whatever or did the wrong thing. But… one of the biggest mistakes I ever made was releasing the tape of Lindsay and Dina.”

I think this was a publicity stunt.



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