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Snooki arrested!

NEW YORK (Reuters) - President Barack Obama has not heard of Snooki, but New Jersey police certainly have after arresting the "Jersey Shore" reality television star on Friday.

Snooki, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, 22, was arrested for disorderly conduct while filming the hit TV series on Friday afternoon, Seaside Heights Borough Administrator John Camera told The Star-Ledger newspaper.

"She was being very disorderly on the beach, bothering other patrons there," Camera said.


Levi Johnston fathering another baby!

And this time its not Bristol Palins! He knocked up a new girl! I wonder if this will cancle their engangement?


Justin Bieber staring on CSI

He is now an actor! He will be in a few episodes of CSI premiering this September.


Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Engaged
NEW YORK (AP) — Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston say they're engaged and hope to get married within six weeks in Alaska, an abrupt turnaround for the couple that just months ago was fighting over child support and Johnston's critical comments about the family.

Paris Hilton in her glory days!

She is beyond happy about Lindsay Lohan's jail sentence. She and the red haired actress have not gotten along since 2007.


Lindsay Lohan says Fuck You to the Court System!
She had 'Fuck U' on her middle nail at court this week. Jail and Rehab should do her good! And teach her some respect for the judicial system! Haha.

10 % federal tax on tanning starts Today

If you thought a day at the tanning salon was already taxing, now the federal government is getting involved. Today begins a 10 percent tax on tanning, aimed at discouraging the practice.


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