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Karissa Shannon admits to sex tape with Heidi Montag
Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend, Playboy playmate Karissa Shannon, says she made a sex tape with Heidi Montag that was then stolen by Montag’s estranged husband Spencer Pratt.


When a Tornado meets a Volcano

The popular lyric of Eminem and Rihanna song "Love the way you lie," is now reality. In Brazil there are fire tornadoes, and they are doing serious damage! How beautifully disastrous.


Heidi's dirty Tape

"Either do another reality show with me or I'm going to release amazing sexual content." -Spencer Pratt

 This divorce is getting dirty!


Facebook's New feature

Facebook is following in the footsteps of younger social-networking sites by adding a "Places" feature that lets you share your real-world location with online friends. Quite frankly I think that they totally copied off of Four Square the application!


Hilary Duff gets married

She just got married to hockey player Mike Comrie.


Khloe Kardashian is pregnant

She finally got knocked up by Lamar! The kid is going to be a giant!


Viagra approved for Infants!

Hartley Wilson, now 6 months old, is taking Viagra to help with symptoms of pulmonary hypertension.

A single dose of sildenafil, a blood vessel widening vasodilator (also sold under the brand name Viagra), prevented rebound pulmonary hypertension and significantly reduced the duration of mechanical ventilation in intensive care unit (ICU) infants being withdrawn from inhaled nitric oxide therapy.

(More sourceful information from Discovery Channel)


Lindsay Lohan is free!

She was released from jail today at 1:35 AM. She was only in there for 14 days.


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