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Khloe Kardashian 
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People's Court
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OK! Magazine: Issue 50, Page 69. 
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Lisa Vanderpump 
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Lindsay & Heroin...

not to mention her and Paris Hilton making out. That must of been some wild party!


Katy Perry and Ke$ha disgusted by Lady Gaga

This picture was taken right when Lady Gaga showed off her meat dress.


JWoww the new Playboy Model
She just closed the deal with Playboy. She should be appearing in January or February's issue of Playboy.

Pauly D with no hair gel!

Justin Bieber is getting Cocky!

He is complaining about how his songs are ALWAYS on the radio and he can't take it anymore. Also, he is complaining about how he cannot even buy boxers and socks at "WalMart" without running into posters of himself. He needs to realize that fame doesn't last forever, especially with this attitude! When I met him at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, he was surprising sweet! I still like the kid!



Its my Birthday Week! Come Join Me!

9/8 Hidden Club, London, UK
100 Tinworth Street
London SE11 5EQ, United Kingdom

9/10 Roscoes/Hydrate Chicago, IL
Halsted Street, Chicago, Illinois

9/11 Venetian Vegas Weekend
Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada

9/13 Angels & Kings, Hollywood
Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, California


Paris Hilton's Cocaine Charge was a stunt!

It was a publicity stunt! She was loosing fame to to her ex-friend Kim Kardashaian and she needed something to climb back on the fame mountain. The cocaine fell out of her purse so easily that it was staged.


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