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OK! Magazine: Issue 50, Page 69. 
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Lisa Vanderpump 
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Mario Lopez
I recently met him, I wasn't impressed. Not very nice. Then again AC Slater was a macho pig on the show.

Your worst Nightmare, but Your best Dream

Beep. Beep. Hey.


Hugh Hefner DUMPED right before wedding

Poor old man. :( Why would Crystal Harris his finance turn down a potential 50 million dollars?


Apple store selling Unlocked iPhone 4's

How pathetic. Come out with the iPhone 4S already and call it a day.


Kim Kardashian‘s fiance not worried about cheating rumors

There is always SOME truth to a RUMOR. I mean, this chick did make a Sex Tape for attention. I still think she cheated on him, but her future husband is obliviou$ so it really doesn't matter.


iPhone 4S for Sprint and T-Mobile
T-Mobile is still under the legal investigation before becoming apart of AT&T, however, it is taking too long and they are going to pursue the iPhone 4S before the merger. Sprint is also a new carrier on the new iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S will be running 3G on Verizon, Sprint and T-mobile. 4G will be available on this iPhone but only for AT&T's network. Release dates are set for September 2011.

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